Documentation for CanoKey

Use the most advanced WebAuthn and other technologies to protect your accounts. Online and offline.


Products and hardware version

As of June 2022, two commercial products and a developer hardware is available from CanoKey project. They uses the same core, which is canokey-core.

  • CanoKey Pigeon: This is the commercial version currently on sale. It has a plastic shell.
  • CanoKey Epoxy: This is the early-bird commercial version. It is wrapped with transparent epoxy.
  • CanoKey STM32: This is the reference developer hardware. We don’t sell this as a product. It uses an open source friendly MCU which is easier for developers. The hardware design is open source, available here. This version is mainly used for developing purpose.

In order to make crypto operations faster, the commercial versions use different MCU than the developer hardware (CanoKey STM32). In such way, users benefit from faster encrypting/decrypting/signing operations when use commercial versions.

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