The implementations are following CTAP2.0 and CTAP1/U2F specifications.

Supported features:

  • Up to 64 resident keys
  • The HMAC extension
  • Ed25519

Multi-Factor Authentication

You can use your CanoKey as a 2FA device on many websites.


The PIN is not set by default. You may set a new PIN using Windows Hello or other possible applications.


You may use the following command to generate a private key for ssh. See here for more info.

ssh-keygen -t ecdsa-sk
# or you prefer ed25519
ssh-keygen -t ed25519-sk


Use pam_u2f provided by Yubico. One common scenario is sudo.

HMAC-secret extension

Possible applications:

Due to a bug in the CTAP implementation, Canokeys with firmware version <= 1.3 are incompatible with libfido2 1.7.0, and thus cannot be used with systemd-cryptenroll.

Users with such key may try libfido2 1.6.0 instead.