Chapter 1

User Guide

Quick start guides for users.

Information about PINs

You might meet several PINs when using CanoKeys. Here is a list to help you distinguish different PIN.

PIN Name Default value Description
Admin PIN 123456 The pin to manage each applet and access admin functions on Web Console. For example, reset individual applet, change touch policy.
FIDO2 PIN The pin requested by PIN-enabled FIDO2/U2F application. The PIN is not set by default. When any of the websites require a PIN for your FIDO authentication, you are prompted to set your PIN yourself.
GPG PIN 123456 The PIN to do normal GPG actions, for example, GPG signing.
GPG Admin PIN 12345678 The PIN to manage your GPG applet. For example, generate a GPG keypair oncard, change default GPG key-attr.
PIV PIN 123456 The PIN to do normal PIV actions, for example, PIV authentication or signing using PKCS#11.
PIV PUK 12345678 The password to reset your PIN when your PIN has been locked.