Web Console

You may use the Admin panel in web console to control some behavior of the key.

Default values

  • PIN: default 123456
  • LED: default ON
  • Keyboard: default OFF


Make sure that your admin applet has been locked, that is no “retries left” in the prompt message. Then go to the APDU console and send 00500000055245534554. Note that the LED of CanoKey will flash. When it is flashing, touch the pad. Repeat that until it stops flashing.

All data will be erased

确定PIN验证失败的消息中没有 retries left,然后直接进入 APDU console,输入 00500000055245534554 并发送。 CanoKey 的 LED 灯会闪烁,摸触摸盘。 反复直到它不再闪烁即可。